Episode 99.5 – Let’s Judge Some Beer!

So….It’s been a while.  And we still want to make episode 100 special…

So we’re going to do something slightly different in the meantime!

We have a plan for Episode 100, but we’re still trying to find a good date to do it.  In the interim, we’re doing this!

Some of our studying-to-be BJCP judges expressed interest in wanting to practice scoresheets so we thought it would be fun to discuss some sheets live!

This show will be extremely biased.  We gave every judge 2 bottles each of 2 different beers.  They knew what the beers were, both brewer and style.  This should be taken as a calibration only, and even then as an intermediate guideline.

That said, we think this will be a lot of fun!  Everyone judged a bottle ahead of the show and has another done to drink while talking about their sheets.  We hope to learn something from each other and hope you do too!